Conversion of PES 2013 into PES 2019

pes 2013 convert into pes 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer also is known as PES and with the old name Winning Eleven is a second most popular soccer video game series after FIFA soccer video game series. It is published and developed by Konami which is a Japanese video game entertainment company. They initially release their games with Winning Eleven as the main title but later-off they change with the title of Pro Evolution Soccer abbreviated as PES.

Konami released PES 2013 16th series of PES or Winning Eleven on 20th September 2012. You can play this game on PC, PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360 in single-player, multiplayer and online mode.

You can see my tutorial given below to Download and Install PES 2013

When you download and install PES 2013 on PC, and launch you will see that the kits, clubs logos, and other features are very awkward. Especially the English league clubs names are written with their nickname like Arsenal as North London.

So to fix this issue, I created a video “How to Update PES 2013 Next Season 2019 Patch on PC Windows 10”. To download the game and necessary updates, see the tutorial given below:

In this tutorial, I will show you how to update PES 2013 with latest squads, kits, and all other features like PES 2019.

First, you need to download PESEdit 6.0 installer and install in the PES 2013 destination main folder. You can download PESEdit 6.0 installer through Mediafire link. I also show you how to skip the ads to download these updates.

Second, you need to download PES 2013 Next Season 2019 All in One Patch. It has four parts and you can also download each part through Mediafire links. After download, all four parts, select all four parts and right click then click on “Extract here”. Then go to the “PES 2013 Next Season 2019<The Patch” folder and copy all files and paste into the PES 2013 main folder. Now go to “PES 2013 Next Season 2019<Konami” folder and copy “Pro Evolution Soccer 2013” folder and paste into the Documents<Konami folder. If Konami folder is not there then copy “PES 2013 Next Season 2019<Konami” folder and paste into the Documents.

Similarly download the PES 2013 Next Season 2019 Patch Update v1, v3, and v5 AIO from google drive, share mods and Mediafire links with skipping ads and do the copy paste files and folders from the PES 2013 Next Season 2019 Patch Update v1, v3 and v5 AIO similarly as I told above in PES 2013 Next Season 2019 Patch AIO.

After doing all these things, when you launch the game you will see that the game is fully updated with the original club names, kits, league names, scoreboards, complete transfers since after the last date of a closing window and all other features are looks like PES 2019.

If your game is crash in Exhibition Match or Master League, See the tutorial given below “How to Fix PES 2013 Crash on PC Windows 10”

If you face this error “PES 2013 has not been installed” when you launch the game then see this tutorial given below to fix this issue



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