Conversion of PES 2017 into PES 2019

pes 2017 convert into pes 2019

PES 2017 is the 21st series of PES or Winning Eleven soccer video game. Konami, the Japanese video game entertainment company releases every year this game in the rivalry of FIFA. This game is released on 13th September 2016. It is available on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

When you download, install and launch this game on PC, you will see that the club names, logo designs, and some other features are very awkward and not genuine. So this unexpected look of PES 2017 is the most irritating part of the game for gamers. They want to change it in the genuine look but they don’t know how to fix this issue.

I created a video, How to update PES 2017 Next Season 2019 Patch. To download the game and necessary applications, see the description of the video. See the video is given below:

In this video, There are total eight steps to covert PES 2017 into PES 2019 completely. These steps are given below:

Step 1:

Firs,t delete your previous updated game. Also, delete “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” folder from documents in the Konami folder and shortcuts from the desktop.

Step 2:

Download and Install PES 2017 Game. You can also see my tutorial given below to download and install PES 2017.

Step 3:

Download and Install PES 2017 Next Season 2019 Patch All in One.

Step 4:

Download and Install PES 2017 Next Season 2019 Patch Update v5 All in One.

Step 5:

Download and Install PES 2017 Next Season 2019 Patch Multi-Switcher.

Step 6:

Download and Install PES 2017 Next Season 2019 Update v5 All in One Fix

Step 7:

Download and Install PES 2019 Commentary and Callnames for PES 2017.

Last Step:

In the end, download DpFileList generator for PES 2017 and run “P17_Quick Fix.cpk” and “P19 CallNames.cpk” files in download folder of PES 2017 game through DpFileList generator.

Follow these entire steps carefully to convert PES 2017 into PES 2019 in the first tutorial given above. After doing all this, you will see that your game is completely updated into PES 2019 with commentary. In this update, all club kits, club logos, club names, scoreboards, and club squads after closing the summer transfer window of 2018/19 season are updated. There is no crashing issue in Exhibition Match and Master League after updating the game. You can also enjoy the commentary of PES 2019 in PES 2017 and much more features.

When you launch the game after converting PES 2017 into PES 2019, you will see the amazing intro video in which Barcelona players are playing in their unique tiki-taka style passing, Messi showing dribbling skills, Neymar doing flick over skill, Suarez scores an astonishing goal and Bravo brilliant save.

In this PES 2017, developers make an amazing overview of the stadium and crowd and you can see when you start the match. Inside camera view of tunnels when players are coming for the match is looking nice and very well design. The behavior with the ball and without the ball is exceptionally realistic. The behavior of players defending and attacking is also amazing and realistic. Note that after updating there is no change in the gameplay style of PES 2017.


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