How to Download and Install FIFA 13 on PC Windows 10

fifa 13

FIFA 13 is the soccer video game published by EA Sports on 25th September 2012. It is 20th edition of FIFA series. You can play this game on PC, Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3 platforms in single-player, multiplayer and online mode. The official cover picture of the game is Barcelona player Lionel Messi.

In this game first, when you launch the game you will see an amazing intro video in which players are showing dribbling skills, attacking and defending techniques with the description of text alongside. By applying these tricks in the gameplay you can play FIFA 13 like a pro. The game commentator after the intro video, explain some important features of this game. After that, you will be on the main menu of FIFA 13. There is no change in the menu of FIFA 13. It is similar to FIFA 12.

There are total thirty leagues and first time Saudi League in added with including previous FIFA 12 twenty-nine leagues. You can play with forty-six different national teams in international team mode. In career mode, there is a new addition that you will get an offer to manage international team alongside with club if your form in the club is boosting high. During a match in career mode, you will receive other matches score update of your league in the voice of Alan Mcinally and Geoff Shreeves. You can also change your club during the middle season through jobs board option. Transfer negotiation process of FIFA 13 is completely changed as compare to FIFA 12 like you can offer a cash plus player to some player from other clubs. The aerial view of the pitch before a match, the photographer behind the goal and cameras follow the ball are some new features in this game. The containing defending in FIFA 13 is less powered as compare to FIFA 12 and you need to do some extra effort to get the ball. In attack, you will see the biggest change that the player jumps over the slide tackle when he is going forward.

Some peoples don’t know how to download and install FIFA 13 on PC Windows 10. So I created a video “How to Download and Install FIFA 13 on PC Windows 10”. You can see the tutorial given below:

In this video, I am showing you how to download FIFA 13 nosTEAM version through torrent. I also show you how to close the extra tabs which are open during download the torrent file. I also show you the complete and detail process of installation of FIFA 13. I also show you the settings of my FIFA 13 according to my pc specifications and you can also check my pc specs in the description of the above video.

You can see my tutorial given below, How to Connect Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with PC:

If you face freezing issue of FIFA 13 at language selection point, then Click Here


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