How to Download and Install FIFA 99 on PC Windows 10 with Controls Setting

fifa 99

Many people want to remind their old memories of playing old games. Similarly, one of the most popular games is FIFA 99. FIFA 99 is the sixth series of the world most playable soccer game. FIFA 99 published by EA sports in November 1998. The indoor game mode is finished in this game. You can play this game single player, multiplayer and online. This game is available on many sites but gamers are confused about to download. They do not know which of the FIFA 99 game full version is without missing game data. After the consuming too much time in front of the screen I concluded that the best way to download, install and play the full version of FIFA 99 game is through PlayStation 1 emulator. Click on the button here to watch the tutorial. The links are given in the description of the video to download the game and necessary files. I show in the tutorial, how to download the best PS1 emulator. I also fix the problem of some game not running on an ePSXe PS1 emulator.

fifa 99

I create another video to set FIFA 99 controls. In this video, I show you, How to set FIFA 99 controls on keyboard/Xbox 360 controller or any other gamepad similar to the FIFA 14 controls. Click on the button here to watch the tutorial.

Click on the button here to watch the tutorial, How to connect Xbox 360 wireless controller with pc on windows 10


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