How to Download and Install FIFA Online 3 on PC Windows 10

fifa online 3

People who can’t afford latest FIFA series games like FIFA 16, FIFA 17, FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and they want to play FIFA games online free but don’t succeed because they need to buy a membership through the origin to play online. So they search for how to play these games online free and watch so many tutorials on YouTube and waste a lot of time but they get no solution to this problem. I also search and waste my time how to play FIFA games free online and now I reached on the conclusion is that the only way to play FIFA game series online is through a legal way and the legal way is download and install FIFA online 3.

FIFA Online 3 is a soccer game developed by EA Sports, published by Nexon, Tencent Games, and Garena. It was released on 18 December 2012 in South Korea. This game is specially designed to play free online all over the world. It is available in Asian countries Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China but other region players can also join the game by selecting the country Singapore and Malaysia in settings of Garena Application. Garena is a program in which you can play games free online.

I created a video, how to download and install FIFA online 3 on PC Windows 10. In that tutorial, I also show you how to download, install and create an account on Garena. The links are given in the description of the video to download the game and necessary applications. You can see the tutorial given below:

There are five FIFA Online games yet releases and available on PC and some are also on Mobile. The first one is FIFA Online, second FIFA Online 2, third FIFA Online 3, fourth FIFA World and the last one is FIFA Online 4.

The experience in online gameplay is unique and different rather than a computer. You enjoy more realistic, advance and high competition in online gameplay. FIFA is the quite different game from others to play online because like Call of Duty or Need for Speed the more number of players in the game you will enjoy more but in the case of FIFA more than two players have created problems and miss understanding during gameplay. The number of gamers those who have no friends or brother mostly they play FIFA games online because FIFA is the only game on which you need just a single another person to play on one computer without screening. FIFA is the only game on which you and your friend play on the same screen and there is no screening issue. Other games like Call of Duty, if you play with your friend on the same screen the screen is split between two players and the screening issue is created.

There are a lot of things you enjoy in FIFA online 3 like unlocking the old times legend soccer players Ronaldinho, David Beckham, and Oliver Kahn so on. You will also enjoy the up gradation of players by combining of two same players with the same attributes and much more.


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