Which Things should You Check before Purchasing Gaming PCs for 2017

gaming pcs

It’s a million dollar question for gamers which things should they check before purchasing gaming PCs for 2017

PC gamers are very confused about purchasing gaming PCs for 2017 or at any year to run latest games on their PC’s. They can’t understand which gaming pc is best for their latest games. Today I will discuss with you which gaming pc is best for 2017 games.

There are two options you have:

  1. Purchasing whole gaming PC
  2. Purchasing gaming PC parts separately


  1. If you want to purchase whole gaming pc, then, first of all, you choose a company. There are many popular companies in the market which are selling gaming PCs like Lenovo, Cyberpower, Asus, Gigabyte, Alienware, SkyTech, MSI, Dell, and Corsair. Here is the list of gaming PC’s for 2017 with their price.

gaming pcs

  1. Corsair One Pro $1,749.99
  2. Origin Neuron $964
  3. Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930) $ 999
  4. Velocity Micro Raptor Z95 $ 1, 899
  5. MSI Aegis Ti3 (VR7RE SLI-054US) $3,077.24
  6. Alienware Area-51 Threadripper Edition $2,399.99
  7. Lenovo Idea Centre Y710 Cube $1,439
  8. CybertronPC – Electrum Desktop – AMD A4- series $399.99
  9. CybertronPC – Electrum Desktop – AMD A6- series $489.99
  10. iBuyPower – Desktop – AMD FX 6300 $679.99
  11. HP – OMEN by HD Desktop $819.99

I will recommend you Lenovo, Dell, MSI gaming PCs for 2017. Anyway, it’s up to you which company you choose. The important thing you should check before purchasing the pc is its processor and generation. You don’t purchase less than core i5 and It must have 3rd generation processor. Next important thing is Ram. You should purchase the gaming pc which has minimum 8 or 16 GB DDR4 Ram. Don’t purchase the pc which has less than 8 GB Ram. Next, the most important thing you have to check is the graphics card and the power supply. Purchase the gaming pc which has minimum 2 GB graphics card and minimum 850Watt power supply. More heavy the graphics card needs the more Watts of power supply to support it. So check the graphics card specification that how much watts of power supply minimum it needed 600,750, or 850 Watts.

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  1. If you want to purchase parts of gaming pc separately try to make sure that everything like motherboard, ram, processor, graphics card and the power supply has same company. This is an expensive method but reliable because you are free to choose how much compatible hardware’s you need according to latest coming games. For example, first, the important thing is motherboard; you should choose the motherboard which you can upgrade according to the latest upcoming game requirements. I will prefer you choose the motherboard which you can upgrade DDR4 Ram up to 32 GB. Not purchase the motherboard less than 32 GB Max supported Ram because the next upcoming games will need more than 16 GB Ram. You can check the Ram details at their slots position. Now when you are going to choose a graphics card, you should purchase minimum 2 GB 256-bit graphics card or more. Remember if you choose desktop gaming pc then you should choose ATI Radeon graphics card and if you choose tower gaming pc then you should choose GeForce NVidia graphics card. Now comes at the processor which is a key thing in your gaming system so choose minimum core i5 or i7 3rd generation processor. You can buy the parts of gaming pc from any name of the company given above; all these companies are reliable for gaming products.


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